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Cleanliness is the number one reason landlords and tenants argue over at the end of one’s tenancy. It’s also why security deposits are retained. A nasty-looking house can be a deal breaker for new tenants and it's something that property owners in Golders Green NW11 are concerned with the most.

Having said that, you shouldn’t risk cleaning the place yourself. The stakes are high. Unless you do a satisfactory job, you may lose a big chunk of your deposit. Your best bet would be to hire Skycleaners’ amazing end of tenancy cleaning in Golders Green NW11 area.

Thanks to our vast experience, you can go about your day while we make sure the premises are up to par. What's best is that you will pass your inspection without using much elbow grease. Leave this to our impeccable service.

Looking for the best prices for move out cleaning in Golders Green? Get a free quote today!

    End of tenancy cleaning

    Carpet Cleaning

    Upholstery Cleaning

    After Builders Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    Our complimentary online estimate relies on accurately provided property details, such as the number of rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, and specific carpet cleaning needs. Should the property show significant wear or lack of cleanliness, the price may vary. The conclusive cost will be determined after our team conducts a visual assessment.

    What's Included in the End of Tenancy Cleaning Golders Green NW11 area

    team of move out tenancy cleaners working in golders green

    When you arrange for an end of tenancy cleaning service in Golders Green NW11 by Skycleaners, you don’t have to provide any cleaning machines or supplies. We take care of it for both new and regular customers.

    Our eco-friendly detergents are specifically formulated to remove deeply ingrained grime and dirt. We get supplied high-class commercial-grade products and machines from trusted companies only.

    Be assured that every room in the house or flat will be tackled fully and professionally. We also offer oven cleaning in addition to our end of tenancy cleaning in Golders Green.

    Another thing to take into account is that our service in Golders Green NW11 doesn’t have a timeframe. This is to say we will stay on your rental property for as long as it takes to clean the areas we have previously agreed upon.

    Our cleaning company prides itself on our ability to give personalised attention to you. That's why our end of tenancy cleaning Golders Green service is so dear to us. We also don't discriminate. We would love to give you a helping hand no matter if you are a letting agent, landlord, or tenant.

    120-Hour Guarantee with our Golders Green End of Tenancy Cleaning Services

    Our experienced cleaners take their job seriously and are confident in their skills, which is why we are prepared to give you a re-clean option at no extra cost. If you aren't completely satisfied with the cleaning outcomes and service quality, we will return to your home to redo the cleaning.

    How does our 120-hour (5-day) re-clean guarantee work?

    If your landlord or estate agent has reported any issues with the property hygiene within 5 days of the service being provided, we will come back to re-clean for free. Keep in mind that we do not offer refunds.

    Please be aware that the guarantee may become null and void in two cases:

    1. If the previous tenant remains on the rental property after the cleaning
    2. If the new tenant moves into the leased property before the landlord or letting agents provide the inspection

    Our guarantee is effective under the original conditions. This means that the premises must stay vacated until the final inspection. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.

    Benefits of Our End of Tenancy Golders Green NW11

    the skycleaners team cleaning property in golders green

    There are a slew of benefits to working with our Golders Green end of tenancy cleaners' team.

    High-end end of tenancy cleaning equipment

    Our professional cleaning company is armed with high-end cleaning equipment which is not normally available in stores for everyone to take advantage of. Engineered to handle tougher jobs, these tools are more efficient and powerful than consumer-grade equipment.

    Not only are they built to withstand heavy use but they can deal with tough stains and grime that regular machines won’t. Having a considerable supply of cleaning tools at our disposal, we can also do the tasks much faster and easier. This makes our cleaning services indispensable in this day and age.

    Time-efficient end of tenancy cleaning Golders Green NW11 area

    End of tenancy cleaning is a lot more involved than regular cleaning. It can take a few days to get every area of the premises back in the same condition as when received. People rarely have this amount of time on their hands to dedicate to cleaning.

    But if you sign up for Skycleaners' cleaning services, you won’t have to worry about it. Instead, you can continue your day-to-day activities without disruption.

    Environmentally friendly products

    Since we have access to the best commercial-grade cleaning supplies on the market, we can guarantee that your rental property will be cleaned without harsh chemicals that can trigger your allergies.

    Our cleaning products are safe for kids and pets, plus they are eco-friendly. And yet, they are strong enough to combat old stains or any speck of dirt for that matter. You will soon find that our end of tenancy cleaning services yield outstanding results.

    Excellent outcomes with our End of Tenancy Cleaning in Golders Green

    Our end of tenancy cleaning Golders Green NW11 ensures that your property is in tip-top shape and increases the probability of occupancy. Our Golders Green cleaners work cooperatively and effectively together, providing premium cleaning services at all times. Every technician is trained to follow the best practices no matter the type of cleaning in Golders Green NW11 needed. Rest assured your house will be in professional hands.

    Security deposit back with our End of Tenancy Cleaning Golders Green

    Another undoubted perk of booking our professional end of tenancy cleaning in Golders Green NW11 is that you can get your initial deposit back. If the property is in pristine condition, and it will be once our end of tenancy cleaners take care of it, there will be no reason for your landlord to withhold the money.

    Apart from Your End of Lease Cleaning, You Can Get Additional Services Like:

    • Upholstery cleaning Golders Green
    • Deep cleaning Golders Green
    • Spring cleaning services
    • Home and office carpet cleaning
    • Office cleaning Golders Green
    • Professional house cleaning Golders Green

    Our Golders Green end of tenancy cleaners will cater to any cleaning needs our clients have. All you have to do is give us a call and tell us what your goals are. Our professional team will be happy to walk you through the whole process. The best part is, we can come on short notice, unlike other cleaning companies. So, if your landlords or estate agents are doing an inspection of the premises soon, don't waste time and contact us now!

    Our Golders Green End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

    Kitchen Cleaning

    skycleaners cleaning a kitchen in godlers green as part of a move out cleaning service
    • Refreshing cupboards and drawers, disposing of leftover food, bags, and such.
    • Cleaning and buffing countertops and other surfaces.
    • Refining sink and taps, removing limescale and shining as required.
    • De-greasing, washing, and shining tiled walls.
    • Sanitising the fridge inside-out, removing food residues and dirt. Attending to the rubber seal.
    • Sanitising the washing machine, including its rubber components.
    • Refreshing both the inside and outside of the dishwasher.
    • Polishing exterior of appliances.
    • Hob refinement.
    • Fan extraction cleaning.
    • Microwave deep cleaning.
    • Oven cleansing inside-out, tackling grease across all parts.
    • Comprehensive deep cleaning provided.
    • Interior window cleansing included; exterior cleaning not provided.
    • Attention to skirting boards.

    Bathroom Cleaning

    skycleaners team cleaning bathroom as part of our affordable move out cleanign services in golders green
    • Refining and de-scaling the sink, tub, fixtures, taps, and shower. Subsequently buffing all.
    • De-scaling, cleansing, and shining the shower screen.
    • De-greasing, refining, and shining wall tiles.
    • Limescale removal from the toilet, followed by sanitisation and disinfection of the seat.
    • Clearing all residues of soap and shampoo.
    • Polishing mirrors.
    • Buffing floors and vacuuming carpets (tenancy carpet cleansing not part of this).
    • Interior window cleaning.
    • Attention to skirting boards.

    General and Living Areas

    our cleaners cleaning a kitchen and general living areas
    • Comprehensive dusting, including elements like fireplaces, switches, curtain rods, light fixtures, and heaters.
    • Vacuuming carpets and shifting furniture to reach hidden areas. Buffing obscured skirting boards.
    • Wiping down wooden furnishings.
    • Refreshing doors and frames and polishing door knobs.
    • Lifting mattresses for vacuuming underneath.
    • Cobweb removal.
    • Mopping all floors.
    • Using window cleansers on all glass elements (mirrors, frames, tabletops, etc.).
    • Interior window wipe-down and sill cleaning.
    • Clearing shelves and drawers of debris.
    • Vacuuming fabric furniture, lifting cushions, and cleaning the hidden parts.
    • Sanitising bedroom furnishings and storage solutions.
    • Refining skirting boards.

    How much does end of tenancy cleaning service cost in Golders Green?

    You can get a free quote from our cleaning company to find out how much you have to pay for your end of tenancy cleaning Golders Green. The cost of the cleaning service is formed based on different factors such as the size of the rental property and the number of tasks involved. Sometimes we have to use heavy equipment or spend a little extra time to remove deeply ingrained dirt.

    All things considered, you will know exactly how much money you will be paying the minute you hire our professional cleaners and there will be no hidden fees. If any minimum charges or additional costs have to be incurred, we will make sure to give you a heads-up and you can change your mind at that point.

    Note that our prices typically exclude carpet cleaning services. You have to get this as a separate service. The good news is that it can be added to your end of tenancy cleaning plan if you want.

    Our Service Area Coverage

    end of tenancy cleanign service area including golders green and surrounding postcode areas in barnet

    Other locations we serve in North London

    Get a Quote Now - The Best Prices in Golders Green

    We encourage you to complete our free instant quote survey so you can understand the final costs better. You have to input information about your property such as the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, as well as the type of flooring, etc.

    If you still have any questions about our Golders Green services, contact our customer care team and they’ll help you out to their best abilities. You can count on our professional cleaning company at all times. We are available throughout the week plus on weekends.

    And don't forget that it doesn't matter if you need an end of tenancy clean or house cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, or spring cleaning - our hard-working Golders Green end of tenancy cleaners can get it done in no time.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, After Builders Cleaning, Office Cleaning.