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In Clapham and urgently need your carpets cleaned? Skycleaners is your swift solution. We tackle the wear and tear of daily life – especially from kids and pets – head-on, prolonging your carpet's life and saving you from costly replacements.

As local experts in Clapham, we offer convenient, flexible scheduling, including weekends and evenings. Our seasoned technicians, fully vetted and skilled in advanced cleaning methods, guarantee high-quality service at affordable rates.

Choose Skycleaners for a quick, effective solution to all your carpet cleaning needs, be it at home or for office and end-of-tenancy cleaning. Experience clean, revitalized carpets today with Skycleaners Clapham.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Clapham SW4

Skycleaners offers high-quality at the cheapest cleaning prices in Clapham.

  • Fully certified, Qualified and experienced cleaners
  • Highly trained, fully insured and equipped with professional cleaning equipment
  • Hot water extraction
  • Remove stains and odours
  • Very affordable price
  • Excellent carpet cleaning that is safe for children, pets, and the environment
  • Free Quote
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Respond on short notice

We use the most advanced carpet cleaning systems, equipment and solutions in the industry. Your carpets are treated with the best quality machines and cleaning supplies available in Clapham. These units provide unrivalled water cleaning power and deep-down suction that remove dust and dirt like no other tool. At the same time, they don't cause mould or mildew.

Thanks to our local carpet cleaning company, you will not have to worry that your carpet will lock in allergens, like dust mites, that will make your family sick. As long as you use our services regularly, you can rest assured your items will make safe textile floorings for your kids and pets and your carpets and rugs will keep their fresh look.

Don't hesitate to call us for more details or to book the best carpet cleaning in Clapham SW4, SW11 as well as near and around Clapham Common, and get a free estimate today!

Carpet Cleaning Service Steps

professional cleaner cleaning a white carpet in Clapham

What Skycleaners' expert carpet cleaners do as they come to your home:

  • Inspect the carpet type
  • Examine all the tough stains and dirt to determine what caused them and figure out a proper cleaning strategy
  • Prep the surface
  • Use cleaning techniques based on the needs of the carpet
  • Remove unpleasant odours and deodorise

Carpet Cleaning Methods Our Cleaners Use

The cleaning method we choose depends on the type of fibres. There is no one-size-fits-all solution but we favour two major approaches.

Hot Water Extraction

Some fabrics tolerate moisture and they can be cleaned using hot water extraction. It is also referred to as shampoo carpet cleaning.

This is one of the most effective methods of lifting dirt from deep down the surface. We have heavy-duty truck-mounted machines that can inject warm water into the fabric under high pressure. While some people call this professional deep steam cleaning, we need to clarify carpet steam cleaning and hot water extraction are not the same thing.

Here is how our professional service works:

  1. The area should be cleared of furniture and other possessions that may get in the way of the carpet cleaning machine.
  2. Our carpet cleaner needs to secure the carpet onto a flat surface.
  3. Stains are pre-treated with a cleaning solution.
  4. Now, the technicians mix specially formulated eco-friendly detergents and water into the compartment of the machine.
  5. The solution is then injected into the carpet fibres paying special attention to unwanted stains. The high pressure and hot water help to eventually dislodge dirt.
  6. Another chemical may be added to the surface to further break down the stains.
  7. When this step is done, the cleaning teams use the same machine to extract the water from the carpet. The equipment is capable of removing 95% of the moisture, which means it does an excellent job at leaving your items in a nearly dry condition.

You probably know of places where you can rent advanced steam cleaning equipment and do the cleaning yourself. We understand why you would be tempted to do so but there are a few precautions worth mentioning.

First off, the rented equipment is not likely to be as powerful as its professional counterparts; hence the drying time may be compromised, causing mould and mildew to form in the fabric.

Second, it will not work for stain removal.

The third and most important part is, you may not know how to use the machine properly.

That's why having your carpets cleaned by us is a much better option. Our hard working team of professional cleaners are fully trained on how to manoeuvre the equipment and which steps to perform first. They have plenty of experience in carpet cleaning. Not to mention, they study chemistry to better understand which chemicals should and should not be mixed. In a word, our carpet technicians know how to treat delicate carpets without damaging them.

Benefits of Using Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Clapham

professional vacuuming a white carpet in a household in Clapham

There is no denying that carpets can completely transform your space. However, they are constantly exposed to spills and heavy traffic, resulting in grime build-up and increased wear and tear. To extend the lifespan of your textile flooring, these stains should be removed as soon as possible. Let's be honest, cleaning carpets all by yourself is little short of challenging and time-consuming. Our expert carpet cleaning service will not only take the stress off your mind but also offer additional benefits.

Carpet knowledge and customised approach

Being professional carpet cleaners, we are aware of the way that different cleaning solutions react when mixed together or applied to different surfaces. We are also well versed in stains, which means we know which techniques are best used and which ones can do more harm than good. Thanks to our expertise in carpets and chemicals, we can offer you a personalised cleaning plan suited to your carpet problems and type.

Advanced professional cleaning equipment

The materials you buy from your local supermarket cannot compare to the cleaning machines we use in the professional sector. We own industry-grade equipment that offers multiple settings and power options, allowing it to reach deep down the fibres and in between. Some of it comes mounted on big trucks. By contrast, household machines have limited suction and cleaning abilities. They cannot provide a deep carpet cleaning and will leave some dirt particles and spots behind.

Kid- and pet-friendly cleaning products

Speaking of cleaning materials, we can assure you our products are safe for your pets and kids. Carpets are often cleaned on the spot and we don’t want to let any toxic fumes into your house. That’s why we only employ tried-and-tested solutions that are known to expose you to no risk whatsoever.

Take for instance our hot water extraction cleaning method. The main ingredient is water. There are no dangerous or allergen-inducing particles. All detergents we have are eco-friendly. They do not pose a risk to nature or people.

No risk of mould and mildew

Since carpets are good at trapping moisture, they provide the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth. The issue typically arises after homeowners try to clean the carpets on their own, leaving them soaked through. When you hire Skycleaners, we will ensure that your belongings are not dripping wet by properly extracting the water from the fibres with industrial-grade suction power. This way, the fabric will be almost dry at the end of the service. They will take a few hours to dry completely.

Improved airflow and health

You probably don’t think of your carpet as something that can trigger allergies but you should really start thinking in that direction. Dirt and debris that get trapped in the fabric can eventually make the air stuffy and unpleasant, making you sick. As regular vacuuming can only do so much, you should hire a technician to get your pieces professionally cleaned once or twice a year. This will instantly improve air quality and be beneficial to people with respiratory problems.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Clapham SW4

Our carpet cleaners provide affordable carpet cleaning in Clapham - the price is based on the carpet size, location, and type. We always communicate our fees upfront!

Here is a breakdown of the pricing:

  • Double bedroom: £35
  • Single bedroom: £30
  • Living room / Dining Room: £40
  • Hallway: £20
  • Stairs: £35 for 12 steps
  • Landing: £15
  • Lounge: £48
  • Rug cleaning service: from £20 upwards
  • Office carpets cleaning: £2,50 sq/m

If you have any questions regarding our cleaning prices, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide all the answers. We are available by phone and email and are at your disposal 7 days a week all year long. Keep in mind that you can book a combined service and get a discount.

Service Area

In addition to serving Clapham and Clapham common, postcode districts SW4, SW8, SW9, SW11, and SW12, we provide carpet cleaning in the entire Greater London Area (within M25).

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning in Clapham

When you need the best carpet cleaning in Clapham, look no further than SkyCleaners

Installing a floor covering in your home is a major investment that you should protect by properly caring for it. Daily maintenance and routine expert cleaning by cleaning companies will ensure clean and refreshed carpets at all times. Let us give you a helping hand so that you don't have to worry about the appearance of your belongings. We guarantee to do an amazing job and if you are not happy, we will come back to re-clean, making sure you're fully satisfied.

Skycleaners provides its carpet cleaning services 24/7 depending on customers' specific requirements. If necessary, our service can be fitted to your busy schedule, whether you work at night or on weekends.

Contact us today for your carpet and upholstery cleaning services or check out other household and commercial premises cleaning services that we offer such as deep cleaning, leather conditioning, end of tenancy cleaning in Clapham and Clapham Junction as well as Clapham Common, and much more.

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