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Budget-Friendly End of Tenancy Cleaning in London - Your Full Deposit Back, Guaranteed!

Moving out and anxious about your landlord's inspection? Skycleaners can help you get your property in tip-top condition and secure your tenancy deposit back in your wallet.

Our cheap end of tenancy cleaning service in London will turn your place into an immaculate, move-in-ready house. Having decades of combined experience under our belt, we are going to make sure you leave behind nothing but good memories.

Get Your Security Deposit Back

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    Why Choose Our Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

    • Fully trained and background-checked staff
    • Affordable price
    • Over 13 years of experience
    • Fully Insured - £5M employer liability, £2M public liability.
    • Same-day cleaning, key pick-up as necessary
    • 5-day guarantee and free re-clean if needed
    • Punctual and reliable cleaners available on bank holidays
    • Decades of combined experience
    • Flexible appointments and payment options
    • Eco-friendly cleaning products and professional steam cleaning machines
    • Excellent results
    • No hidden fees
    • Great customer service
    • Deep cleaning
    • Agency-approved cleaning checklist (see below for more information)
    • We serve the entire Greater London area.

    Cheap End of Tenancy Cleaning London Prices

    Our competitive prices start at just £70. Below you will find our prices for end of tenancy cleaning in London.

    End-of-tenancy cleaning prices for property typeWithout steam carpet cleaning from:With steam carpet cleaning starting from:
    Room share£70£100
    Studio Flat£140£170
    1 bedroom 1 bathroom flat£180£210
    2 bedroom 1 bathroom flat£210£240
    3 bedroom 1 bathroom flat£250£295
    4 bedroom 1 bathroom flat£310£345

    At Skycleaners, we always provide the cheapest possible price without compromising the quality of the service. Prices in London vary based on the scope of the work and the number of rooms. Give us a call or use our contact form above and we'll give you a free quote that is priced and tailored to your individual needs.

    Enjoy our pet-friendly professional end of tenancy cleaning in London with a small additional starting charge of only £50, ensuring a thorough cleaning for your property!

    The Benefit of a Fixed Price for a Lease Cleaning Service

    Unlike many other cleaning agencies on the market, our tenancy cleaning company offers fixed prices rather than hourly rates. This means you know how much you are going to pay in advance and there will be no surprises.

    The other thing to remember is that the accuracy of the online quote you receive depends on the information you input in the booking form. The more details you provide about the number of rooms and any specific requests you have, the more precise the estimate can be.

    It should be mentioned that if the property has suffered extreme disrepair or uncleanliness, it is in our rights to change the initial post-tenancy cleaning quote given online. We will inform you beforehand so that you are prepared for it. After we visually inspect your rental unit, we can confirm the final tenancy cleaning cost. There are no hidden fees and we guarantee you will receive a very reasonable price quote.

    Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service is Fully Guaranteed

    Skycleaners, offering expert tenancy cleaning services since 2010, has been proudly delivering top-notch and fully guaranteed services in London. Rest assured, our cleaning services are thoroughly reliable.

    However, in the rare chance your landlord identifies any cleanliness concerns within 120 hours post-cleaning in the checkout report, we're at your service to re-clean the specified areas promptly and free of charge! We're committed to ensuring your total peace of mind and full satisfaction.

    Do note, however, that if a new tenant moves into the house within this 5-day window, i.e. before the inspection of the estate agents or landlord, this renders the service guarantee null. The same rule applies if the previous tenant remains on the premises after the cleaning has been carried out.

    If you are not completely satisfied with the cleaning we did, It’s important to point out that we do not offer refunds. Our guarantee is valid for 5 days, or 120 hours following the service completion.

    The purpose of this guarantee is to provide 100% satisfaction at the time of cleaning. But if the original conditions change, then the guarantee can no longer apply. Thank you for understanding.

    Benefits of Hiring Our Professional End of Tenancy Cleaners in London

    cleaner from skycleaners cleaning an oven
    • Thorough cleaning. End of lease cleaning is a service that is designed to cover every inch of the rented property. All surfaces should be wiped down, cleaned, disinfected, de-limed and de-scaled, you name it. From the walls to the space under the bed, the house is cleaned from top to bottom. The service doesn’t have a specific time frame, which means the professional cleaners will stay until they cross off every task from the checklist.
    • Eco-friendly move out cleaning products and machines. Our professional cleaning company is armed with high-grade professional equipment that is targeted at different cleaning issues. With the help of various techniques, we can remove stains, deeply ingrained dirt, dust, grime, and limescale.
    • You can barely yield the same results using store-bought products. Plus, our move out cleaning supplies do not contain harsh chemicals, meaning they are safe for you and the environment.
    • A stress-free moving process. When you leave the messy work to us, you can sit down and relax. It gives you enough time to pack and plan your house move. No hassle or headaches.
    • By contrast, cleaning the house yourself requires continuous wiping, scrubbing, vacuuming, and stain removal. You may not even have the proper products and machines to get started.
    • Quick turnaround of the property. When the rental property is in pristine condition, you can rent it out pretty quickly. The chances of attracting new occupants within the first month go up.
    • Same-day service. Skycleaners is aware that many tenants need a speedy service, which is why we can come on short notice.
    • Extensive training. Our cleaners undergo rigorous training, which is how we ensure they can do a fantastic job every time. They will bring your property to its original condition so that new tenants can move in right away.

    How Our End of Lease Cleaning in London Works

    professional cleaner from Skycleaners cleaning a bedroom in london

    Our post tenancy cleaning works in three simple steps:

    Get a free quote

    Using our phone number or booking form, get in touch with us and provide us with your property details to get a free estimate.

    Wait for a response from our cleaning team

    At Skycleaners, we will make sure to reply within 24 hours of receiving your request. We will call you back to discuss some details and confirm the cleaning date.

    Let us do the cleaning

    From that moment on, you don’t have to worry about anything. We take it from there. Our cleaning team will arrive at your house on the scheduled day, bringing all the necessary equipment with them.

    They will take care of every room for the cost we previously agreed upon. When they leave, the rental property will be ready for your landlord's inspection.

    If you are not available on the day of cleaning, we can also arrange for a pick-up service for a small charge. When the work is completed, we will leave the keys in a safe place.

    Why Is Our Move Out Cleaning Good Value for the Money?

    Since your ultimate goal is to get your deposit back, by hiring our after tenancy cleaners, you can make this happen. We take into consideration your specific requirements and spare no effort to provide an excellent service.

    The best part is you pay only for the components you need. Everything is tailored to meet your individual needs. If you are interested, contact us for a free quote.

    Our Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

    Our cleaning checklist has been approved by leading letting agents and landlords across London.

    Bedroom and General Areas

    • Dusting all surfaces including radiators, light fittings, curtain rails, light switches, etc.
    • Moving furniture around to vacuum carpets
    • Removing dust from wooden furniture
    • Cleaning and disinfecting doors and door frames
    • Vacuuming mattresses and under
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Cleaning and mopping the floors
    • Cleaning all glass surfaces such as picture frames, mirrors, and furniture tops
    • Wiping down window sills
    • Wiping clean windows on the inside
    • Cleaning drawers and shelves on the inside and outside
    • Hoovering any upholstered items; cleaning underneath cushions
    • Cleaning storage units and bedroom furniture
    • Wiping down skirting boards


    • De-scaling and cleaning shower screen
    • Cleaning and de-scaling the bathtub, shower, taps, and sink
    • Cleaning, disinfecting, and polishing wall tiles
    • De-scaling the toilet bowl; disinfecting the seat
    • Removing shampoo and soap residue
    • Cleaning mirrors
    • Mopping and polishing the floor
    • Wiping clean windows on the inside
    • Cleaning skirting boards
    • Cleaning and disinfecting doors and door frames


    • Deep oven cleaning inside and outside
    • Cleaning drawers and cupboards on the inside and outside
    • Proceeding to remove limescale
    • Cleaning and polishing the sink and taps
    • Cleaning tiles
    • Degreasing work surfaces
    • Cleaning the freezer and refrigerator on the inside and outside
    • Washing machine cleaning, wiping down the rubber seal
    • Cleaning the hob and extractor fan
    • Cleaning the dishwasher on the inside and outside
    • Cleaning the exterior of all kitchen appliances
    • Cleaning inside the microwave oven inside and outside
    • Cleaning extractor fans
    • Cleaning windows on the inside only (external cleaning requires booking a separate service)
    • Cleaning and disinfecting doors and door frames
    • Cleaning skirting boards

    Additional Cleaning Services You Can Add to your End of Tenancy Cleaning Package

    As you get in touch with our customer support, don’t forget to ask about our list of combined services that can make your move out cleaning better. When you bundle up multiple services, you can get a discount. This way you will end up paying less.

    Exterior window cleaning

    There is a separate service for external window cleaning that you can incorporate into our professional move out cleaning package. Needless to say, it comes at an extra cost. Because of this, you have to let us know ahead of time that you would like our cleaners to do external window cleaning as part of the tenancy service.

    Upholstery cleaning service

    If you are looking for more than just hoovering, furniture-wise, you should order upholstery cleaning. We will bring our steam cleaning equipment to give your items a deep clean.

    Deep carpet cleaning service

    Vacuuming carpets doesn’t remove mud, grime, and stains. Carpets receive lots of traffic on the daily and collect all sorts of dirt that settles into the fibres. The longer it sits there, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. If you want to give a breath of fresh life to your carpets at the end of your tenancy, add our carpet steam cleaning to your cleaning package.

    Wall spot cleaning

    At Skycleaners, we also offer wall spot cleaning. This is a service that targets certain areas of the wall that could use some sprucing up. Our cleaning supplies are suitable for walls and they won’t cause any damage to the surface.

    Mattress Cleaning

    Mattresses are dirt collectors too. If you could see the amount of dead skin cells, dust, and sweat they accumulate, you would want to clean them more frequently. It is a wise idea to include mattress cleaning in your end of lease cleaning package. We use a powerful cleaning system that can eliminate dust mites as well.

    Duration of the Post Tenancy Service

    It can last from a couple of hours to an entire day, but that depends on the condition and size of the property. It is hard to tell how much time our move out cleaners will spend on the premises. Different factors as involved that determine the duration of the service. As mentioned, the size of the property plays a major role.

    Other Cleaning Services We Provide

    skycleaners cleanign team before house cleaning service in london
    • Office cleaning. Skycleaners can clean your office while preserving your equipment. It is important to ensure a clean and enjoyable environment for your employees and clients. A well-ordered office will boost you’re your productivity and reputation.
    • Spring cleaning. Professional deep cleaning service that prepares the property for the spring season. It involves the removal of germs, dust, and dirt which tend to accumulate on cold winter days.
    • One-off cleaning. Sometimes we all need a little help with the cleaning. For example, if you want to prepare the house for a certain occasion, you can avail yourself of our one-off cleaning service.
    • Domestic cleaning. Our regular cleaning service can be carried out daily, weekly, and fortnightly. The minimum time we spend on the property is 3 hours.
    • Professional carpet cleaning. If you find it easy to stay on top of your domestic chores but need to have your carpets cleaned by real pros, this service is for you. Professional carpet cleaning uses specialised machines and products to lift dirt off the fabric without damaging it. We can clean carpets of all types.

    Our Service Area Coverage

    We provide services in all of London, zones 1 to 9 which includes the entire Greater London Area.

    Additionally, we also cover Reading, Guildford and Surbiton.

    Before and After End of Tenancy Cleaning Results in London

    We tailor the price around your needs because we realise that every customer has unique requirements. Rest assured that your money will be well spent. At the end of your landlord’s inspection, you will get your rental deposit back.

    Frequently Asked Questions We Receive from Clients

    Are you insured?

    Yes, we are fully insured. We have an employer's liability insurance of £5,000,000 and public liability insurance of £2,000,000. 

    What areas do you cover in London?

    Our post tenancy service is available in all zones 1-9, anything in the Greater London area within the M25 motorway.

    What is included in the end of tenancy clean?

    An end of tenancy clean includes cleaning meticulously every area of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, hallways, living room, and common areas. The service covers the floors, curtains, walls, worktops, furniture, carpets, appliances, and everything in between.

    Do you charge hourly or a fixed rate for the job?

    Our quotes are for the entire job, we provide fixed prices only with no hidden fees. You will be informed of the exact price before any work has begun.

    Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?

    Yes, you can try. Some people try to do the cleaning themselves to save money but they end up wasting days on end to get the job done. This often results in missed spots, which could be a stumbling block to the rental inspection. Although it costs more than regular cleaning, it's an investment that can secure the full return of your security deposit.

    Do you provide all cleaning equipment and cleaning materials for the cleaning service?

    Yes, we bring our own equipment which includes various cleaning materials, products, stain removers, and machines.

    Do I need to be home while you clean the property?

    You don’t have to be physically present during the cleaning if you need to be somewhere else. However, you do have to provide easy access to your property.

    Is refrigerator and freezer cleaning included?

    Yes, we do clean fridges and freezers as part of the professional cleaning service. All we ask is that they are empty and defrosted ahead of time.

    Do you clean carpets and upholstery during the EoT cleaning?

    While we can vacuum your carpets and furniture, we will not provide a deeper clean. You need to use our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, feel free to discuss that with us so we can include it in your quote.

    Do I have to pay extra for any parking fees or congestion charges?

    We always make sure to find a free spot to park. However, sometimes this isn’t always possible. In that case, what we do is ask the customer to arrange for a parking permit or cover the parking charges for the time frame of the service. If your property is located in the congestion zone, you will have to cover the charges.

    What happens if a cleaner damages something during the lease cleaning service?

    Our cleaners are fully insured which means that if something gets broken, you will be compensated for it. We are extremely careful and diligent around possessions in rental units, so this should not be a concern at all. However, things can break and mistakes can happen every now and then. This is why we use insurance.

    Do you clean chandeliers during the after tenancy clean?

    Yes, we can remove cobwebs and dust from chandeliers if they are up to 3 m high (within easy reach).

    Is oven cleaning included?

    Yes, deep, professional oven cleaning is included in the EoT cleaning at no additional cost.

    How many cleaners do you usually send?

    It depends on the size of the property and the scope of the work. In general, we send a team of two end of tenancy cleaners. Sometimes one cleaner is sufficient to leave a flat spotless clean so that it is ready for new tenants. This way, both letting agents and landlords are happy with the outcome.

    If you have any questions, get in touch with us when it would be convenient for you.

    Is end of tenancy cleaning worth it?

    Yes. An end of tenancy clean saves time and effort; not to mention, it helps you earn your deposit back.

    Do I need to clean the curtains at the end of my tenancy?

    They should be cleaned if they are heavily stained. Otherwise, normal dusting will make do.

    Are end of tenancy cleaning fees illegal?

    Landlords are not allowed to charge you for professional cleaning but they can retain your deposit if the property is in poor condition.

    Can I pay using a bank transfer?

    Yes, you can pay with a bank transfer as well as cash.

    Do You Have A Cancellation Fee?

    A 24-hour notice is required to cancel (call or email), reschedule, or amend a booking. A £50 fee applies if changes or cancellations are made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

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