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In today's world, we know it is important to be a strong competitor and have a clean, beautiful, and well-ordered office. The working day at the office is a pleasure, and business is successful when the office is clean and orderly. Skycleaners is a team of professional cleaners who have undergone special training for cleaning office and office equipment. We know how expensive office equipment is and how important it is to be preserved intact. Skycleaners can clean every inch of your office and fully ensure enjoyable and successful days.

We are committed to general cleaning of offices on a daily or weekly basis, as well as cleaning of hard floors and toilet hygiene. We offer all services necessary for the professional cleaning of your office or building. We accept the cleaning of your offices and buildings and can also clean schools and shops . We can perform a single cleaning or cleaning on a daily / weekly basis , or we will comply with your wishes.


  • Empty waste bins.
  • Dust and clean desks and tables.
  • Dust and clean window sills, window sills, tops of pictures, radiators, doors, door frames, skirting boards. light switches.
  • Vacuum clean all the soft furniture and all carpet areas.
  • Toilets and bathroom areas, clean mirrors and glass, wipe tiles, clean and disinfect sink, toilets, toilets, shower towels, hand soaps, and hand towels.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces.
  • Hoover the floor and wash.
  • Kitchen areas, wipe outside cupboards, clean hob, clean in / out microwave, clean in / outside oven, clean sink, wipe washing machine.
  • Clean and polish any brass and chrome.

What you should expect from an office cleaning company

When you hire a professional cleaning company like skycleaners to clean your office space, you will notice a considerable difference. We offer a myriad of benefits to your company including convenience, consistency, and a comfortable environment for your guests and employees. Read on to know what you can expect from skycleaners.

First meeting

When you start working with skycleaners, you should expect a walk-through of your office space with one of our supervisors. This will help to identify the areas that need a thorough cleaning, the cleaning processes involved, the frequency of cleaning, and the cleaning agents that should be used. We will also look at your carpet and verify whether it needs to be cleaned regularly based on foot traffic. We will then submit a cleaning proposal for your review after the initial meeting.


Your office cleaning company should have staff members that are skilled and trained in proper cleaning techniques. At skycleaners, we understand the best practices for office windows, floors, desks, kitchens, toilets and many more. Irrespective of the challenges that we encounter in our cleaning endeavors, we always strive to find an effective and efficient solution.

Customisable Services

If your office is quite busy, then you may need professional cleaning services more regularly. We understand that different office spaces will have varying needs when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, we provide customised cleaning packages and a flexible schedule that suits the needs of your unique office. We will never enforce a one-type-suits-all cleaning package that will not satisfy your needs.

Environmental Awareness

The professional cleaners you hire should always utilise environmentally friendly processes and eco-friendly products for cleaning your office space. This will help to protect the environment, the planet, and the people using your office.


At skycleaners, we will always adjust our cleaning schedules to suit yours. You can expect that our team will arrive on time and in a very presentable manner whether it is at night, weekdays, or weekends. We will always deliver the same premium quality cleaning service at all times. When it comes to cleaning services, you need a company that you can always trust and that is us.

A clean, healthy, and pleasant office environment is a crucial consideration for happy and productive personnel and will determine their job satisfaction. Your workforce deserves the best working conditions, and skycleaners office cleaning services are dedicated to ensuring that your employees love their office spaces and focus solely on the core business. We will always communicate with the client’s wants and needs to fulfill their satisfaction.

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