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Does Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas?

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does steam cleaning kill fleas
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May 14, 2024

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas? In short - yes. Steam cleaning can kill some adult fleas and even eggs but it won't get rid of the entire infestation problem if you don't make sure the infestation source is taken care of, usually that's a pet. For more in depth information, you can read the rest of the article.

A flea infestation is a major issue for many homeowners. You never want to encounter these parasites and their flea eggs on the carpet. Doing the right thing often involves employing various methods to effectively kill adult fleas. But with so many products that promise a quick end to the flea problem, which one do you choose?

Professional steam cleaning is one of the best ways to deal with flea colonies in the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service utilises products and cleaning methods that disrupt the flea life cycle and remove both adult fleas and flea eggs before the issue is out of control. On top of that steam cleaning is an eco-friendly method to get rid of fleas without using harsh chemicals.

As a cleaning company working in London, we do provide steam cleaning services so if you need help with your carpets or your end of tenancy cleaning in London, don't hesitate to give us a call for a free quote.

How fleas infest your home

Flea infestations are problematic because they are caused by these tiny parasites. They latch onto your domestic pet's fur, such as your dog or a cat, and that is the most common way they get into your home.

Once they are inside, they begin an endless life cycle of depositing flea eggs, the eggs hatching and flea larvae boosting their ranks. Fleas survive well in carpet fibres and furniture upholstery, where they can lay thousands of eggs.

When the eggs hatch the flea issue becomes more prominent as larvae hide in the fabrics of the carpet. Before you know it they form a flea colony ready to produce a whole lot more adults.

Can a steam cleaner get rid of fleas?

In general, steam cleaning is probably one of the best ways to deal with a flea infestation on your carpet and upholstery. The little intruders are vulnerable to heat, which is one of the main aspects of this kind of carpet cleaning. It is not the only step of the process though.

When faced with a flea infestation, you can contact your local steam cleaners to start the process of pest control. So, can steam cleaning kill fleas? Yes, but it's likely going to take a bit more to deal with flea infestation.

You should follow up the steam clean with a thorough vacuuming of the entire carpeted area. Make sure you do not rush with your vacuum cleaner - move it slowly to ensure you remove dead fleas and flea dust. Also, use the appropriate attachment for hard-to-reach areas.

If killing fleas this way is not enough, you may need to contact a professional exterminator to deal with the remains of the flea infestations.

How steam cleaning works and its role in flea control

cleaner using steam cleaning to clean upholstery
steam cleaning of the carpet in the children's room.

The way a steam cleaner works is by emitting steam at high temperatures. The hot steam can penetrate deep within the carpet fibres. In doing so, it eliminates fleas by interfering with their bodily functions during all life stages. On top of that cleansing effect, steam cleaning sanitises the area and removes bacteria and pathogens that would normally be missed during a regular carpet cleaning session.

As mentioned, steam carpet cleaning can not only kill fleas before they lay eggs but also remove allergens, dirt, pet dander and other allergens from the carpet. Hot water extraction also takes care of unpleasant odours that are lingering on the surface. Having your carpet steam cleaned is one of the best ways to get rid of allergens and prevent fleas from taking a foothold.

It is particularly helpful for people with allergies and other intolerances. As steam cleaning utilises an eco-friendly approach, it is perfectly safe even if you have children and pets around. If you act quickly, it can help you deal with the problem without having to resort to other methods.

We've written a detailed guide on what is steam cleaning and how it works if you're interested. If you plan on using steam cleaning, make sure you read our blog post Can You Steam Clean a Mattress to avoid mistakes.

How to prevent fleas and ticks?

Apart from employing a steam cleaner and hiring professional carpet cleaners to eliminate fleas from your carpet, you need to employ several other methods of prevention and control.

Take care of your pets

If you have a pet dog or a cat, you need to check them for fleas and apply the necessary products to keep them safe. This is especially true if your pet wanders outside. Treating pets with specialised products that kill fleas or simply discourage them from latching onto your pets is necessary. And because pets are one of the main sources of fleas, keep an eye out when they enter tall grass. That is where they usually contract fleas.

Stay on top of cleaning

If you want to reduce the chance of live fleas, ticks, bed bugs and other unwanted parasites starting an infestation in your home, you should invest time and effort in cleaning. Washing bedding, using a specialised carpet cleaner and some DIY methods on your furniture and carpets can greatly reduce the risks.

Get a professional cleaning once a year

Even if you stay on top of your cleaning, some amount of allergens and bacteria will remain ingrained within the carpet. If you want to completely remove those pollutants from your carpets and ensure that fleas don't become a problem, you should book hot water extraction. The high temperature of this cleaning method not only kills off unwanted pests but also cleans the carpet fully.

In conclusion

If you suspect you may have a flea infestation at home, you should act quickly. Steam cleaning is a great tool against this kind of pest. It eliminates them through high temperatures and removes all sorts of impurities from deep within the carpet.

Contact Skycleaners and book a professional steam carpet cleaning service of the highest class. With years of experience and sophisticated technology, we can make short work of any pest insects and embedded dirt in your carpet. Our approach is eco-friendly and promises to leave your home looking fresh and new. Give us a call today to book the best steam cleaning service.

Frequently asked questions

What cleaner kills fleas?

Working with a steam cleaner is a fantastic way to remove fleas from your carpet, upholstery and cat bed. The combination of heat and cleaning solution is deadly to fleas and easily deals with the pests.

How do you get rid of fleas in your house fast?

Getting rid of fleas from your carpets and other surfaces is a matter of employing a combination of methods. You can start by steam cleaning your carpets or other suspected areas of infestation. If that doesn't solve the issue, you can follow up with a treatment from a professional pest control service.

Can steam cleaning get rid of fleas?

Steam cleaning is an effective way of stopping fleas and their ability to spread diseases. It effectively eliminates these pests due to the high temperature of the steam used in the process.

Can a hot room kill fleas?

Heat can indeed kill fleas. They die in temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius. Outdoors they don't survive if the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius for more than 40 hours a month.

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