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How Much is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

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how much is end of tenancy cleaning
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November 27, 2023

End of tenancy cleaning is a time-consuming job that can eat up all your time allocated for packing and arranging transportation. That's why the majority of people choose to hire a professional cleaning company. In this guideline, we offer a breakdown of the costs associated with the end of tenancy cleaning services in the UK and London in particular. It is based on research made on several companies operating within the UK. We’ll share with you the average prices in London and elsewhere, so don’t miss out.

Should you find these numbers a little too high for your budget, don’t despair. If you are looking for a reliable service and cheap end of tenancy cleaning prices, get in touch with us right away to check out our offers. You can get a quote free of charge, no strings attached.

    Key Takeaways from End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

    • The end of tenancy cleaning prices in the UK vary from one area to another
    • In London, the average price can be as little as £100.00 for a studio but it can climb up to £652.00 for a six-bedroom house
    • There is no upper limit on the cost, as every company uses its own price list
    • The cost is determined by different factors such as the size of the rental property, the number of cleaners needed, the degree of cleaning required, and if any extra services are booked
    • For DIY cleaning, the price needs to include all cleaning supplies as well as a carpet cleaning machine (optional)

    Average Cleaning End of Tenancy Prices in London

    If you are wondering how much does move out cleaning cost near Stratford, London, or anywhere near London, for that matter, here are some ballpark averages:

    • Studio flat: £100.00 - £170.00
    • One-bedroom flat: £130.00 - £230.00
    • Two-bedroom flat: £190.00 - £275.00
    • Three-bedroom flat: £210.00 - £370.00
    • 3 Bed 2 Bath: £230.00 - £418.00
    • 4 Bed 1 Bath: £230.00 - £460.00
    • 4 Bed 2 Bath: £250.00 - £510.00
    • 4 Bed 3 Bath: £270.00 - £560.00
    • 5 Bed 1 Bath: £250.00 - £510.00
    • 5 Bed 2 Bath: £280.00 - £560.00
    • 5 Bed 3 Bath: £300.00 - £610.00
    • House (6 bedrooms or more): £330.00 - £652.00

    *Please note that these prices do not reflect extra services like furniture upholstery and carpet cleaning. Such services have to be booked separately. If you want to know the exact price for the cleaning service of your choosing, get in touch with us today and we’ll give you a free quote.

      Average End of Tenancy Cleaning Cost across the UK

      How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost across the country? Here are the average costs in the UK for an end of tenancy clean for different size properties:

      • Studio flat: £180
      • One bedroom: £220
      • Two-bedroom flat: £260
      • Three-bedroom flat: £300
      • House (up to 5 bedrooms): £370
      • House (6 bedrooms or more): £415+

      *Please note that these prices do not include extra services like upholstery and carpet cleaning. They should be booked as a separate service. To learn more, get end of tenancy cleaning quotes for your specific needs.

      What Factors Determine the Price of End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

      professional female cleaner holding cleaning supplies

      As a customer, you need to understand how the end of tenancy cleaning price is formed so you know that you are getting your money’s worth. Remember that every cleaning company has different criteria.

      Degree of Cleaning Required

      As far as the degree of cleaning, end of lease cleaning is very different from your normal cleaning and maintenance routine. It's more of a deep clean.

      Unlike regular cleaning, it covers walls, corners, floors, hard-to-reach areas, ceilings, wet rooms, appliances, interior and exterior cleaning, and the list goes on. The main goal is to ensure a renter gets their security deposit back.

      That being said, the price will vary depending on the condition of the property. If you take good care of it during your tenancy, there likely will be less scrubbing and mopping on the cleaners’ part. But if the house is in poor condition, it will take more time and elbow grease to bring it back to its original state, and the price will rise respectively.

      Over the years, we have seen and cleaned a lot of properties. Our experience shows that if the house has long been neglected, it is more difficult to achieve stunning results.

      Size of the Cleaning Area

      The cost of end of tenancy cleaning is highly dependent on the size of the property. The bill increases with the volume of work required. As you add more rooms into the picture, the final cost goes up, and vice versa.

      Number of Cleaners

      Depending on the degree of cleaning required and the size of your property, the company will have to decide how many cleaners will take part in the end of tenancy clean. In most cases, one professional cleaner is enough to get the job done. However, larger assignments may require more workforce.

      Even though end of tenancy cleaning is a thorough clean, it should be completed in a day or a day and a half, not longer than that. So, the more cleaners are hired, the bulkier the cost.

      Extra Services

      Oftentimes customers are willing to sign up for additional services. In the context of end of tenancy, these extras refer to tasks that aren’t typically provided with the package, so they have to be ordered separately.

      They are tailored to fit customer needs and may include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, appliance cleaning, window cleaning, and blinds cleaning. It’s worth noting these services are optional.

      We need to point out that external window cleaning is not always available. In our experience, upper-level windows require safety equipment and special skills that professional cleaners aren't armed with. To ensure our workers stay safe at the job site, we do not clean windows from the outside unless there is easy access to them.

      Here is a breakdown of the average costs of additional services related to end of tenancy cleaning:

      Upholstery cleaning

      • Upholstered chairs: £15.00 - £40.00
      • 2-seater sofa: £30.00 - £60.00
      • 3-seater sofa: £40.00 - £80.00
      • L-shape 3-seater sofa: £45.00 - £90.00
      • L-shape 4-seater sofa: £50.00 - £100.00
      • L-shape 5-seater sofa: £60.00 - £120.00

      Carpet cleaning

      • In the living room: £20.00 - £70.00
      • In the bedroom: £20.00 - £50.00
      • In the hallway: £10.00 - £40.00
      • Stairs: some contractors charge £2.00 - £5.00 per step (between £20.00 and £50.00)

      Fridge cleaning

      • Fridge cleaning: £10.00 - £25.00
      • Freezer cleaning: £10.00 - £35.00

      Oven cleaning

      • Range oven deep clean: £40.00 - £130.00
      • Single oven deep clean: £20.00 - £60.00
      • Double oven deep clean: £30.00 - £65.00

      Mattress Cleaning

      • Deep cleaning single mattress: £18.00 - £30.00
      • Deep cleaning double mattress: £25.00 - £45.00
      • Queen mattress: £30.00 - £55.00
      • King-size mattress: £40.00 - £65.00

      Blinds and window sills

      • Venetian blinds: £15.00 - £ 30.00
      • Roman blinds: £30.00 - £60.00

      Even though none of these may be required by your tenancy agreement, your landlord will expect them to be left in a decent condition. So, it's best if your end of tenancy clean includes some or all of them.

      You will find our other article useful if your landlord overcharges you for cleaning.

      The Time of the Year

      This may come as a surprise for some folks but the price of cleaning services is highly influenced by the time of the year. In peak season, costs are significantly higher due to the high demand. During the off-season, the prices drop respectively. So, if you plan to move house during the off-season, you will be able to negotiate a more affordable price.


      Prices across the UK are not the same and the cost of cleaning services varies accordingly. Therefore, your location will play a role in the cost formation. Some areas are notorious for being more expensive than others, such as the southeast and London. In other areas like West London, cleaners may charge less. These include Northern Ireland, the north of England, and Scotland.

      All in all, if you are looking to save money on your final clean, you need to book fewer services, live in certain areas, and maintain your rental during your tenancy so that the end of tenancy cleaners don't have to spend a lot of time on the property.

      DIY End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

      mother and her young daughter cleaning an oven

      Sometimes doing the job yourself saves money. But how much can that cost? Let’s talk about the cost of cleaning materials. For the purposes of this assessment, we are going to assume you don’t have any of the cleaning products needed.

      • Microfiber cloth: £1 - £17
      • Sponge for scrubbing: £1 - £7
      • Scourer: £1.50 - £5
      • Brushes: £6 - £17
      • Dustpan and brush: £1.50 - £6.50
      • Mop and bucket: £12 - £30
      • Protective gloves: £0.50 - £7
      • Degreaser: £4 - £13
      • Disinfectant: £4 - £30
      • Multipurpose cleaner: £1 - £14
      • Glass cleaner costs £2 - £6
      • Furniture polish: £1 – 3
      • Oven cleaner: £3 - £4
      • Floor cleaner: £2 - £15
      • Bleach: £0.50 - £1

      You will also need a vacuum cleaner. They run from £88 to £199 each. More expensive models cost up to £649 and upwards. If you choose to hire a steam cleaning machine for your carpets, the price will vary based on the model and two-day rate vs. weekly rate.

      A small-all-in-one carpet cleaner will set you back £79.00 for the entire week and about £53.00 for two days. A medium-all-in-one machine comes with a weekly rate of £168.00 and a two-day rate of £112.00.

      A large-all-in-one carpet cleaner costs £193.00 for two days and £289.00 for a week. A spray extractor is worth £105.00 for a two-day hire and £158.00 for a week hire.

      You need to clean blinds, door frames, kitchen appliances, hard floors, corners, inside cupboards and cabinets, balconies, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, skirting boards, and other areas in the house. If you have a tumble dryer, this should be tackled too. Don't forget that the property should be in the same standard or the same condition it was when your tenancy began, so it's ready for the next tenant.

      FAQs on Professional Cleaning Prices

      Will I get my deposit back if I use cleaning companies?

      The idea behind professional end of tenancy cleaning is to ensure that tenants get their security deposits back. Many times these services offer a special guarantee for that purpose. If there are any issues with the professional cleaning (the landlord is not happy with the results), the end of tenancy cleaners will return to re-clean the areas in question free of charge. Please note that if the rental property has suffered structural or cosmetic damage, it is not a cleaner’s job to fix it.

      Is carpet cleaning included?

      Carpet cleaning is usually charged as an extra cost. So, if you want to add carpet cleaning to your end of tenancy clean package, let the experts know ahead of time.

      Is cleaning windows normally included in the end of tenancy quotes?

      Internal window cleaning may be provided as part of end of tenancy cleaning. However, when it comes to external cleaning, this will be charged as an additional cost. Upper-level windows that cannot be reached with ease will not be tackled since cleaning experts don’t have the necessary equipment or skills required for this job.

      Why are end of tenancy cleans so expensive?

      In the light of getting your deposit back, end of tenancy cleaning is not that expensive. In fact, since the market is fraught with professional cleaning companies, end of tenancy cleaning costs these days are quite competitive. There is a cleaning service to suit everyone.

      Can landlords charge for cleaning in 2023?

      Landlords don't have the right to charge tenants for an end of tenancy clean due to an act that came into force in 2019. But they can still deduct money from your initial deposit if they are unsatisfied with the current state of the property, hygiene-wise. Learn more about this here.

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