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How To Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors Without Streaks

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how to clean prefinished hardwood floors
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June 27, 2023

Many homeowners nowadays experiment with various flooring options, but it is hardwood floors that remain the most popular. Prefinished hardwood flooring seems to be a top choice among homeowners who appreciate a warm and welcoming feel to the place.

A hardwood floor is an investment that you will want to protect by using the right cleaners and cleaning methods. By looking after your hardwood floors, you can protect that investment for a longer time. Prefinished hardwood flooring takes some knowledge of the best cleaning methods. Luckily, it can be easier than unsealed wood floors.

In the following article, you can find useful information on how to clean prefinished hardwood flooring the right way.

The Best Way To Clean Prefinished Hardwood Floors

Every manufacturer recommends implementing a certain cleaning regime for your hardwood floor to keep the material in top shape. Cleaning hardwood floors requires several steps.

Dry Dust With a Microfiber Mop Regularly

Use a microfiber mop to dust your hardwood flooring daily. If you are not able to do this every day, try to at least do it several times a week. Even if you don't see it, dust and other debris accumulate on the floor, especially in those high traffic areas. The particles can then cause damage as they get stepped into. You can also use a cotton dust mop to get stubborn dirt out of the surface. Don't forget to get to the corners. Above all else, ensure you are using a soft cloth for the mop head so that you don't scratch prefinished flooring.

Use a vacuum cleaner weekly

Another important part of caring for prefinished hardwood flooring involves vacuuming. It is important to use a cleaner with a natural bristled brush attachment so that no scratches occur. Apart from soft bristles on the beater bar, the ideal vacuum also has soft rubber wheels to prevent scratching the prefinished hardwood.

You may be wondering why vacuum weekly if you are already staying on top of damp mopping. The reason is that pet hair and dust particles can settle within small cracks in the hardwood floor, making them difficult to remove with just a sponge mop. This is especially the case with unfinished hardwood. Weekly vacuuming with one of the more powerful upright vacuums with gentle beater bars helps prevent this.

Wet mop every month

One more thing you should do to clean your prefinished hardwood floors is to use a damp microfiber mop every month. Wet mopping doesn't require specialised cleaning solutions. Usually, you can just employ warm water and a clean cloth to mop the floor. A damp cloth can easily deal with mild dirt that dry dusting has missed. It is also possible to mix water with mild dish soap for extra power. If you find an oily or greasy stain, it is best to use a floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

How to clean prefinished engineered hardwood flooring without streaks?

If you are worried that wet mopping of the floor can leave streaks on the wood

  • Do not add more soap - it doesn't make your job easier, it only saturates the mop pads. If you require more cleaning power for removing debris and dirt, just use specialised hardwood floor cleaners.
  • Mop in sections - the goal is to make it so that dirty water doesn't dry onto the floors.
  • Rinse the mop often - dry dust has a way of making your mop a mess When you start with a clean cotton mop, you will find it quickly becomes dirty, so make sure you rinse it in water often.
  • Check the mop often - if you don't want to smear dirty water all over, check the mop often and make sure it is clean.

How to remove streaks from hardwood floors?

Once you are done cleaning with a damp mop, you can go over the area with a dry microfiber cloth pad. This is a good way to remove any streaks.

How to clean spills and stains?

If a spill occurs, you should be quick to clean it till the area is completely dry. Stains have a way of messing up the finish of a wood floor. Use a microfiber towel to soak up the stain, or a mildly damp cloth if there is any moisture. Use a dry cloth to remove any leftover liquid from the area. Avoid over cleaning with a floor solution that contains dangerous chemicals. Hardwood flooring can be damaged by some of these products.

Keeping your hardwood floor clean

Apart from cleaning, there are a few simple tips you should remember:

  • Use area rugs and floor protectors - door mats and area rugs placed in high-traffic areas and hallways can protect the flooring from scratches and other damage. Dirt, water and other debris will not get tracked in this way.
  • Use felt floor protectors on furniture items - stick them under the legs of chairs, tables and couches and other furniture to keep them from scratching the floor.
  • Address stains immediately - daily sweeping is good, but if a stain occurs, you need to deal with it right away. The longer it lingers on the floor, the more chance of permanent damage.
  • Move furniture from time to time - you can move heavy furniture once a year or so, which ensures the floor can age evenly.

Knowing how to care for and clean your prefinished hardwood floors will extend their life and keep them looking great for time to come.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Floors

When it comes to the end of your tenancy, cleaning your prefinished hardwood floors thoroughly can play a significant role in getting your full deposit back. Landlords appreciate tenants who leave the floors in the same pristine condition they were in when they moved in. Your landlord will likely have high standards, and knowing how to clean your prefinished hardwood floors can make the difference between a full deposit return and deductions for professional cleaning.

For end of tenancy cleaning, ensure you follow all the regular steps such as dry dusting with a microfiber mop, vacuuming weekly, and wet mopping monthly. Apart from these, it might be wise to invest in a specialized hardwood floor cleaner for that deep clean. Remember to be gentle - you don't want to cause scratches or damage the seal.

Also, it's essential to address any stains immediately. If a stain has set, it may require a professional-grade hardwood floor cleaner to remove it. Lastly, consider renting a professional hardwood floor cleaner for a deep clean, or hiring a professional cleaning service with experience in prefinished hardwood floors. With proper care and attention, you can ensure the hardwood floors look as good as new for the end of tenancy inspection.


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