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Spring Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Guide to Clean Every Room

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spring cleaning checklist
Table of Content
May 31, 2023

As we bid farewell to the chill of winter and welcome the rejuvenating embrace of spring, it's time to infuse our homes with the freshness and vitality that only a thorough spring cleaning can offer. As February unfurls its final days, the anticipation of spring 2024 brings with it the promise of renewal and revitalization, not just for nature but for our living spaces too. Spring cleaning, a cherished ritual for many, goes beyond the mere act of tidying up; it's a symbolic gesture of casting off the old and making room for the new, setting the stage for a season of growth and renewal.

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    In this article, we will go over a few of the most important spring cleaning tips, including a spring cleaning checklist that you can follow for greater success. You can use the tips below for your end of tenancy cleaning if you decide to do it yourself. If you do that, make sure to also check our tenancy cleaning checklist as well.

    The importance of having a spring cleaning checklist

    Most likely you are already staying on top of some of your spring cleaning chores. Doing a routine clean every now and then is different from doing a deep clean. The latter means you are dealing with cleaning tasks that you would normally skip or forget, such as removing the accumulated dust from hard to reach places. This is the reason why it is best to operate with a cleaning checklist.

    Where to start?

    spring cleaning supplies

    If you want to feel less stressed about all of the work related to spring cleaning, you will do well to go through a simple preparation process.

    • Check the forecast - it is best to clean on a sunny and warm day. That way you can open windows and doors to let fresh air in.
    • Get your cleaning supplies ready - see what cleaning supplies you are short on and make a trip to the store to get everything. You don't want to find you are in short supply of as you are in the middle of cleaning.
    • Schedule appointments ahead of time - if you are going to get some help with your spring cleaning time, you best make those appointments ahead of time. Things like window or carpet cleaning should be booked as you start.
    • Prepare a playlist of your favourite songs - it will serve you well on your cleaning rounds.

    All room cleaning checklist

    You should start your spring cleaning spree with some tasks that apply to each room. When you are done, you can tackle each room individually.

    • Dust ceiling fans in all rooms
    • Remove cobwebs from the corners
    • Wipe walls with a damp cloth
    • Dust blinds
    • Dust light fixtures
    • Clean the window sills and window tracks
    • Vacuum curtains
    • Dust baseboards and shoe racks
    • Disinfect all doorknobs, light switch plates and handles

    The definitive room-by-room cleaning checklist

    For specific rooms, simply follow the steps and deal with tasks one by one for a more thorough cleaning process.

    Kitchen spring cleaning checklist

    The goal here is to deal with all surfaces, as well as big and small appliances in the room.

    • Wipe down the microwave, coffeemaker and any other small appliances
    • Empty the crumb trays
    • Empty the fridge and defrost it along with the freezer
    • Clean the shelves (you can probably fit them in the dishwasher)
    • Clean the lint traps in your dishwasher, dryer and washer
    • Pull the fridge and refrigerator and clean the coils behind it
    • Bust out the oven cleaner and deal with the oven
    • Wipe the stovetop
    • Clear out clutter from the kitchen cabinets and wipe the shelves
    • Sanitise the kitchen sink with a damp microfiber cloth
    • Disinfect the garbage disposal units

    Make sure to check out or post on what is the effect of oven cleaner on kitchen countertops before you start.

    Bathroom spring cleaning checklist

    • Organise medicine cabinets, drawers and shelves
    • Dispose of old toiletries
    • Scrub the shower curtains and tub
    • Wash floors and grout lines
    • Scrub the toilet and the surrounding area
    • Wash area rugs
    • Inspect your makeup bag and replace expired items

    Bedroom spring cleaning checklist

    • Open the doors and windows to ventilate the area
    • Clear the space from everything that should not be there
    • Dust, vacuum and clean all furniture items
    • Empty the wardrobe, wash it from the inside out
    • Wash your clothes and remove any that you no longer need
    • Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress, let it sit and then vacuum
    • Wash the bed skirts
    • Wash pillows and the duvet, then let them air dry
    • Wash blankets
    • Clean decor and mirrors
    • Clean light fixtures
    • Sweep the floors and wash them

    Check our more detailed bedroom cleaning checklist for more in-depth tips.

    Living room spring cleaning checklist

    • Vacuum the sofa, carpet and perform spot treatment if necessary
    • Use a crevice tool to get the dust underneath and around heavy furniture
    • Wash the pillows and blankets
    • Dust the area with a microfiber cloth
    • Clean lampshades
    • Sanitise any plastic toys with warm water and soap
    • Wash windows and window sills
    • Dust electronics wth a dry microfiber cloth
    • Wash the light fixtures and light switches
    • Clean the doors and door knobs
    • Wash window treatments and window screens

    Laundry room spring cleaning checklist

    • Apply new seal to grout lines if necessary
    • Mop floors
    • Inspect laundry supplies
    • Run an empty hot water cycle with all natural cleaner only to sanitise the laundry machine

    Outside area spring cleaning checklist

    • Check the garage door and clean it
    • Inspect shovels and other winter gear
    • Organise your tools and arrange them
    • Change light bulbs in the garage and shed
    • Pressure wash the patio, walkway and driveway, potentially outdoor furniture if applicable
    • Clean the upholstery of outdoor furniture
    • Do some gutter maintenance

    Useful spring cleaning tips to keep in mind

    It is not easy to deep clean your entire home as part of the spring cleaning effort. That is why you can implement some of the following tips when dealing with chores.

    Dusting tips

    Dusting is part of the spring cleaning process. You will go through this step no matter which room you tackle. The most important thing to remember is to always dust from top to bottom. For example, if a room has a ceiling fan, that is where you should start. Then, move on to dusting the shelves and cupboards located high, then move down to lower surfaces. The dust that falls on the floor can then be vacuumed or cleaned otherwise. A damp cloth made of microfibre material works best. Disinfectant wipes can help you with dusting small items and appliances.

    Use baking soda

    Bicarbonate of soda is a powerful tool to absorb unpleasant smells from soft furnishings. Simply sprinkle a generous amount over the carpet, sofa or mattress (check out our guide on how to deep clean a mattress at home for more information), let it sit for half an hour and then vacuum. Add in a few drops of your favourite essential oil to introduce a pleasant smell. You can also use bicarbonate of soda in the bathroom and in the kitchen, as part of your spring cleaning task. It makes for the perfect all natural cleaning solution that has a mild abrasive function and can remove impurities with ease.

    Wash windows the right way

    Window cleaning is something you will do in every room with windows. Surprisingly, a paper towel might be the thing to use, as it leaves no streaks. Use a clean cloth and warm water to remove accumulated loose dirt from the outside part of a window first. You should also address window screens with a mild dishwashing liquid and scrubbing with a wet sponge. If the window screens are too dirty, you can scrub them with a brush one by one and then use paper towels to dry them.

    Reseal grout lines

    You may need to reseal grout lines if there are tough stains or the material has worn out. You can use a penetrating grout sealer applied with a small brush. This is important to do in the bathroom, especially if there are mould and mildew spots. When you clean grout lines, make sure you are not using acidic cleaners, such as vinegar. Instead, make bicarbonate of soda paste with water and use a small toothbrush to scrub the area.

    Cleaning the baseboards

    While you may often overlook this task, clean baseboards give the ideal finishing touch of the spring cleaning effort. It is easy to do this with a vacuum cleaner and its bristled brush attachment. That way you can remove dust.

    Cleaning the upholstery

    Before you clean upholstered furnishings, you should check their label. Some upholstery types should only be dry cleaned, whereas for others it is okay to employ water and specialised liquid cleaners. You should always treat a new cleaner on a small inconspicuous area of the upholstery before you proceed. That way you will know it will not do any damage to the material.

    Implement some fire safety measures

    Spring cleaning is a good time to do implement some fire safety maintenance work. Check the batteries of smoke detectors and replace them if need be. Make sure your fire extinguisher has not expired yet and replace it with a new one.

    Preparing for next year's spring cleaning

    To be ready for next year's spring cleaning marathon, you can do a few simple things. The first, and arguably most important one, is to establish a regular cleaning schedule for you home. The more you do simple things like wash windows, remove dust, wash floors, clean baseboards, etc. the less items you will need to deal with on your bathroom spring cleaning checklist.

    Another thing you can do to ease the pressure from your spring cleaning checklist is to consider getting some help from a professional cleaning agency. Why go through an exhaustive kitchen spring cleaning checklist for example, when you can have some professional cleaners by your side to aid you?

    Spring cleaning can be difficult to pull off, if you are not efficient in your efforts. That is why it is best to follow the aforementioned tips and stay on top of all of the cleaning tasks.


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